1. Absolute Self confidence: In order for you to become a competent radio program presenter, you must exude a high level of self confidence. If you lack self confidence, you won’t be able to present yourself better. As a result, your on air presentation will be the worst one.
  2. Enough Knowledge about music: If you want to host musical or entertainment shows, you must have a good sense of music. If you don’t know what you’re playing or what kind of music you’re putting on air, your show won’t sound interesting to the audience. For this reason, selection of the best pieces of music is one of the key skills to make your show interesting.
  3. Fluency: You must be fluent enough in the language in which you host your radio programs. If you mumble and fumble and can’t pronounce the words correctly, nobody would want to tune into your shows.
  4. Glamour in your voice: I do believe that your voice should be glamorous naturally. It is a natural gift for you, or you can develop a little bit of it by rigorous practice as well.
  5. Adequate knowledge of content: A good broadcaster needs to have adequate knowledge of the content of their shows. If you don’t have enough information or knowledge about the content of your show, your performance won’t be effective.
  6. Technical Knowledge: You need to have some technical knowledge to be a good presenter.
  7. Listening skills: You can’t be a good presenter unless you listen to other presenters’ shows. Listen to other people’s programs first, and do your show in a totally different way if possible.
  8. Intonation skills: When you are broadcasting your show and talking, you must speak with right intonation. Otherwise your show will sound absolutely boring.
  9. Punctuality: You must be punctual as a radio program presenter.
  10. Smile: You should smile or be happy when you’re presenting your shows. If you sound angry or aggressive, nobody would want to listen to your shows.
  11. Speak politely: You must always use polite language when you’re talking to the audience.
  12. Prepare a good script: Unless you prepare a good script, you can’t be a good presenter.


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