I read a lot of news stories on various online news portals, listen to news on radio and watch it on television stations. And also I flip through the daily newspapers everyday to keep myself updated with what’s going on around the world. It’s much easier and faster and a lot easier to access. However, I am not really happy about the way some of these media houses broadcast and publish news.

The key reason why I don’t trust what I read on such online news sites is they are loyal to a certain political party or a doctrine. I can easily sense it by the way they have written news on a certain issue. So there is no any fairness in sending news and information to the mass.

I do believe that the media houses must be fair to all the political parties, views and the general public. They must conform to ABC ( Accuracy, Balance and Credibility) principle in order to win the trust of thousands of readers and audience.

I would argue that the independent media houses should not act as mere political mouth-pieces. But they should serve the public and shoulder a huge responsibility of disseminating the right news and information to the public since we are all entitled to the right to information.