Now the local elections in four provinces are just round the corner, and the election campaigns are going on in a full swing. All the major political parties are giving their heart and soul to their campaigns thinking that their party would have a landslide victory in the polls. However, what I’ve noticed is that most of the candidates of all the parties are throwing dusts into the eyes of innocent citizens. They are building castles in the air for the voters. This is unfair, I reckon.

I’ve heard the cadres of CPN UML persuading the senior citizens to vote for their party by saying that their party is providing the allowances for the old people. This logic is wrong because it is not the party that gives allowances to the senior citizens, but the government does. So all the prudent people should be aware of such hypes spread by the parties.

My bottom line is that since this is the local election, you need to vote for the right candidates no matter which political party they are affiliated with or what ideology they hold. Choose the right person, not the party. You need to use your logic and wit when you’re casting your precious votes this time.

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