Speaking effectively in front of a huge mass is an art and a part of your personality.However, most people have stage fear and they begin to tremble once they hold the microphone on the stage.They have butterflies in their stomachs as they fear the man ocean.They feel that they are likely to make a lot of mistakes and the crowd will laugh at them and they would be figures of fun.And this is one of the key reasons why most big wigs fall victim to stage fright.

If you ask me, the best way to overcome your stage and mass phobia is to feel that you’re stronger and better than the audience that are right in front of your eyes.

When you are standing on stage, holding the microphone to talk and get your important message across to a large number of people in the audience, you must realize that you are as great as the ancient all-powerful emperors with unlimited power and influence.

Just take a deep breath and feel that you are more important and more special than those sitting in the auditorium and watching and listening to you.

You should also feel that you were born to rule, not to be ruled by others, you are the lion and the rest of all are the rabbits.Just feel it deep down. (But don’t show it as your attitude). It will really work wonders for you, and consequently, you will end up giving a show-stopping performance on stage.

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