You turn right
You turn left
The rightists
The leftists
The ideology ships
Ruling the roost
The world’s been their playground
Freakin’ battleground
The wrestling ring
They’ve caused bloodshed
Resorted to bloody violence
Created frustrations
No definite purpose
No bull’s eyes to hit
They only exist to cheat

The rightists brag and have big mouths
About nothing but drag the world into the
Majestic castles of status quo
Stagnant lakes
The leftists raise the roof
Bleat like castrated goats
But suck the blood
Like midnight vampires
Like demon’s starving wires
No breakthrough
Nothing to woo
Us all-powerful denizens
So we all boo
We feel like makin’ them
Lick our toilet shoe

We’ve been misled
They’ve hurled us into
The dark maze of dungeon
They’ve blindfolded us
Yet some of us super fools
Still lick their bloody arses
What the hell?
We’ve been hypnotized by these
Poisonous lucifers

Hey folks! Listen up
Prick up your ears
I’m tellin’ you this
Let’s abhor these nasty souls
Stop walkin’ into these goddamn
Right and left directions
As they’re leading us into our
Own downfall, misery and misfortune
The world is on the verge of
So let’s muster up confidence
Fuel our engines with indomitable courage
And change the devil’s directions
Let’s destroy the blood-filled roads
These rightists and leftists travelled

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