These days, the youths are lacking enough creativity which is one of the key skills that elevate them to the higher altitude of success in life. I feel that the prime cause of this is the excessive use of modern gadgets such as computer, internet, mobile phones, etc. Actually, the youngsters use these devices and methods almost every minute. As a result, they end up losing creative skills since the excessive use of such technology makes their minds dull and they act like robots.

Most people feel that the creativity level in youths is falling at an alarming rate. And it is not a happy news story as the youngsters today will have to shoulder heavy responsibilities for the society and the nation in the future. For this reason, we all must encourage the young ones to be more and creative in everything they do.

Apparently, the children and the teenagers have sharp minds which can be activated to come up with new innovative ideas in their studies, sports, or any other spheres of their life. I do believe that almost all the young people are really genious and can become more creative. However, their creative ability is in a deep slumber within themselves. So all we need to do is wake that sleeping creative prowess from deep within them.

Let’s band together to help children and teenagers become more creative in any initiatives they take in life.