Dear sweetheart,

My heart’s been thinking of you for so long. It knows nothing but to remember you all the time. All those late night conversations, those fighting over little things, all those rude interruptions, those seven years spent without you, just gives me a heartache. I hadn’t expected at all that we would be someday talking like we do these days. Well, I had thought of that only in my dreams. But you proved me that some dreams, although partially, can come true. Well, all thanks to the Facebook

to be precise.

But still, I write this letter to give my feelings a solid form, the one I can store in my diary and smile looking at, every time I miss you. I’d never thought I’d write a love letter and even recite it in front of the audience. I was a shy kid. But as they say, love makes you do things you never did before and for me, writing a love letter was one of such familiarly strange things to do. I used to be just a book worm but then one day, you came in my life, brought a tornado of love along with you and just messed up my world, in an extremely beautiful and kind way, though. I remember the day when you gave me your letter, your love letter, of course, and you can’t even imagine how much excited I was to read it. You said you loved me and want my reply. But I was just wondering how you didn’t see it in my eyes, you didn’t see it in the way that I smiled whenever you smiled, the way that I stared without a blink when you came in through the door. I was totally in love, I guess. I had a huge, huge crush on the most charming guy for me, which were you, of course. But you broke my heart when you weren’t there to listen to my reply. Yes, I was shattered, because you left me all alone without telling me why. At that moment, I thought, if this is your love, then I’m better off without you. But all in vain, your memories were attached to me as if they were always a part of me which can never be separated. I didn’t realize when my heart bandaged itself and started beating for you, all over again. Maybe that’s why even after all these years of “I can live without you” training sessions, I still smile and blush like an idiot whenever I see your face. I know you’ve moved on in your life and I also had a lot of things going in life in your absence but I don’t know why I still think about you the same way I did almost seven years ago! Maybe your sudden and unsaid goodbye from my life is, on the other side, a promise, that we will meet again. I hope that day isn’t too far. I will always be waiting for you. And lastly, I wanna tell you that I don’t know what future holds for me, but on this very Valentine, I will surely be dating your memories with closed doors, hugging my teddy bear along with the Taylor Swift songs playing in the background.

Yours forever, Lover girl.