It’s been so long that I’ve not met any new chap

However, I try my best to find him

Somewhere in the world map

At last, all my attempts go in vain

In search of him

Yet hopes are still alive and sadness is dim


Incomplete new men had already come

But they all went without delivering

People from illusory home

Lord Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Allah and

Others were those noble

They couldn’t succeed in setting human

Beings free from the pangs global


To some extent, they contributed for the

Welfare of all the organisms

But they made their own isms

Owing to theirs isms, people couldn’t be

Similar from one another

Even very own brother didn’t behave like

A brother


I’m looking for a man who shouldn’t have

The miraculous power

And whose so-called statues and

Monuments shouldn’t be hung on the

Skyscraper tower

He should simply be a real human being

With some distinct features

Above all, he should do the welfare of all

The creatures


He should believe in unity, not in isolation

The feeling of wholeness, he should have

And also the panacea solution

I want him to come to the mortal world very soon

You just come, no matter either from the sun or the moon


Two millennium already passed in hope for you

The people, who want you to appear very soon, are in the queue

When you come into this world

Decorate its every nook and cranny with marigold