Time flies like an arrow

How quickly it passes, will never let you know

It seems arbitrary but it’s fair

For both tycoon and pauper

Cause time counts at proportion

However it offshoots better with your ideal operation

In life length truth

Happenstance is the key to deal with

Whether be your choice

Or be your foist

You gotta live better as it may be

You gotta drive better as it can be



Bestow your sixth sense I.e. “common sense”

At all the time

Then be in the cloud nine

Never cast away life as tiger by the tail

Live in the heaven not in hell

Flash on

Closing the fossil, freshen the new one

Two days are left behind

To enjoy your present, let me remind



Destiny is all yours,  might take you elsewhere

So be happy for what you own

By letting it go, by gone

Yet life is a gift and it’s beautiful

Never live a life as tiger by the tail, but meaningful

Rather pat on yourself and live it purposeful!!!