The greatness, eminence or distinction is termed as the quality of being great. It is also referred to be exceptionally high at quality that stands out as one amongst the most.

The letter “I” is a singular form and usually becomes first person subject in grammar. It basically refers ‘self’however it alsometaphors to be of “The Ego”. To define “I” as metaphoric ego, we should not forget to analyse its possessive forms-

I = Me (P1), My (P2), Mine (P3) Myself (P4)

For instance“win and triumph”to be conjuncted with P1,2,3&4…

“I have to win. It’s me to win. It’smyvictory. The triumph is mine.I have to prepare and win for myself.”

Likewise we replicate“HH” not as “His Highness” but as “Happy& Happiness”in conjunction with these possessive forms again and let’s see what happens-

“I have to be happy. It’s me to be happy. It’s my happiness. The happiness is mine. I have to be happy for myself.”

Look at these sentences and understand how those possessive forms of “I” are being used. They profoundly provoke a self sensation. You can see the distinction here that is intended to stand out from crowd. Whether it is about winning and shows one’s victory or it’s about being happy. The centre of attention is “I”.

Yet it’s never untrue when said this sensation has been derived and practised ever since from home. Like the first school of a child is home itself however a child is frequently asked to stand out amongst the friends. By all means the child has to go extra mile and be first in exams, and ECA. He is taught to give preference to the importance of uniqueness as achieved singly. So he does prefer to enjoy focusing on how ‘I can’ achieve instead of how ‘we together can’ make it happen. The spoken words of parents become always an order for the child to be followed up, and a child has to sacrifice its own creativity. By the time he grows up, he is well-trained to be self centred and be fit to the society of so called greatness.

The mind-set of people becomes reluctant to more extent and they cautiously or ignorantly keep showing self-centred attitudes which truly discourage them to standby their modest humanity. The humanity is defeated by any means when it has divided feelings. Let’s draw an example of politicking in our country. The people have been divided based on their political benevolence of the political parties. There is feeling of hatred amongst the people by advocating political ideologies. There is nothing to do for the public with all the ideologies of political parties however it is their right to live their freedom with due respect. The communal feeling is on the verge of absconding. The bonding tie is forgotten for vested interest.

Yet, every night falls to welcome the best dawn and glorious morning for the next day. We still have to be hopeful and grow our mutual feeling of respect and create the communal feeling. Let’s utter ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ and “Ourselves” instead of “myself”. This is what makes us stay united and feel proud to be what we are.

Motto: “I” alone can just imagine but “we” together will make it happen. Together for togetherness.