I often post a lot of quotes that I create myself, and here I’ve presented some of them.

  1. One of the keys to your happiness s not expecting too much from the people around you. Feel that you’re naturally enough.
  2. The moment you feel that your heart is telling you to change the way you are,you get the best enlightenment in life.
  3. Most people appreciate only the trees and the flowers. But they forget the value of the roots.
  4. Don’t make yourself miserable by dwelling on your dark past. Enjoy every bit of your radiant present, and design your bright future.
  5. Sometimes life knocks you down, and you tend to disappear, be away from the scene temporarily. It doesn’t mean you’re gone. It means you’re gathering more strength to come back better and stronger.
  6. No matter what field you may be in. Just be a phenom or an excellent one and stand out in the crowd.
  7. Everyone is an architect. But the only difference is that only a very few design better than the whole rest.
  8. You make yourself miserable by dwelling on your bitter past, so don’t look behind if you want to create happiness for yourself and for others around you.
  9. At some point in life, you feel intimidated by temporary troubles. But be strong enough to keep going.
  10. Patience is like a hydro generator. It generates immense positive energy for you. So you should have patience all the time.
  11. Hold pleasant thoughts before you go to bed at night and after you wake up in the morning.
  12. Be smart and beautiful. That’s absolutely cute. But don’t be over-smart and annoying.
  13. Don’t allow yourself to be defeated by your temporary troubles and hardships because I firmly believe that you can get the better of them sooner or later.
  14. Every morning when you wake up, thank the supreme personality of Godhead for keeping you alive. Thank your critics who encouraged you to be stronger all the time. And this will surely make your day.
  15. Arrogance silently kills you. But humility ultimately saves you.
  16. Forget your miseries and embrace utmost joy in life. Forgive your enemies and get them into your company.
  17. Always look up towards the summit of the mountain no matter how low altitude you might be at. It applies to your life too. Just give it a shot.
  18. Nothing is eternal. Nobody is immortal. Nothing lasts forever. But your noble deeds remain intact forever.
  19. Just like the sun radiates its rays to keep the earth alive, you should radiate your love and compassion to make this world a better place to live in. 
  20. The fools don’t listen to others. But the wise ones always pay attention to what others are saying. The stupid ones pretend to be great. But the world knows what their real status is. So if you care for others, you’re always superior.
  21. Whatever you see in this world is merely the imagination of some GREAT. So why don’t you try to be the ONE?
  22. Take chances in life. Or else you’ll end up having nothing but regrets.
  23. Life is like a Ferris wheel ride. It goes rotating. When you go higher, you feel overjoyed. When you go lower, you feel dead scared.
  24. You can’t create peace for the rest of the world unless you yourself have a peace of mind.
  25. If you properly harness your own energy within you, you can become incredibly powerful.
  26. Your true greatness is seen and felt when you’re surrounded by tribulations, but you handle them easily.
  27. Mediocre souls feel insecure most often. However, the outstanding ones have nothing to fear.
  28. Creativity comes from wild imaginations.
  29. Don’t be merely a thinker. Be a doer too.  …………………………….. Stay tuned for more updates. If you have any feedback and suggestions, please feel free to email me at info@sureshrai.com