I studied journalism in Bachelors level third year as it was part of the curriculum or I opted for it as it was something I was interested in. And I learnt that when a reporter or a journalist prepares news, they must consider ABCS ( Accuracy, Balance, Credibility, and Simplicity) which is the universal norm of journalism.

However, when I read and hear the news these days, the news stories are neither accurate nor well-balanced nor credible. I think it’s mainly because the journalists aren’t well-trained and competent for their profession. When they fail miserably in every career they try in life, they choose to do journalism which they are not capable of doing at all in order to make their both ends meet. And what can we expect from such ignorant souls?

The another important factor to take into consideration is that no any journalists are free from their political affiliations. As a result, they can’t perform their jobs independent of the political organizations they are affiliated with. And it results in the fact that they can’t be fair and unbiased professionals. Instead, they simply become the mouthpiece of their political parties or the certain leaders they get funded from. When the journalists foster such yellow journalism, how can we advocate that the news they print or broadcast is well-balanced?

Now some of the journalists and their organizations are hell-bent on ousting the mayor of Itahari from his chair simply because he shouted at them on some occasions. Frankly speaking, the mayor also seems to be a little indecent in his demeanor and he needs to improve it. While he needs to improve his way of dealing with the journalists, the so called journalists must improve their journalism skills. In other words, these news reporters must get a university degree in journalism first in order to understand what the true journalism is like and how they should abide by the international norms and ethics of journalism. Unless they do it, many noses will be broken. And that’s going to be a pretty normal phenomenon.

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