The temperature of Kathmandu is almost 30 degree Celsius today. There was a scorching sun in the sky during the day time, and it was unbearably hot. So I was sweating like anything all day today. Even inside the house, it was too hot, and let alone walking in the sun outside. And I asked the local people of Kathmandu if it was as hot before as it is in recent years, and their response was ”No”. It goes to show that there has been a considerable increase in Kathmandu’s temperature only in recent years. And one of the key causes of this disaster is global warming.

Global warming refers to the long-term warming of the planet while climate change encompasses global warming, but refers to the broader range of changes that are happening to our planet, including rising sea levels; shrinking mountain glaciers; accelerating ice melt in Greenland, Antarctica and the Arctic; and shifts in flower/plant blooming times.

Evidence shows warming from 1998 to the present, with the four most recent years (2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017) being the four warmest years globally since 1880. And personally, I feel that this 2019 is also one of the warmest years.

In fact, the Sun can influence the Earth’s climate, but it isn’t responsible for the warming trend we’ve seen over the past few decades.

The earth’s atmosphere has always acted like a greenhouse to capture the sun’s heat, ensuring that the earth has enjoyed temperatures that permitted the emergence of life forms as we know them, including humans.

Without our atmospheric greenhouse the earth would be very cold. Global warming, however, is the equivalent of a greenhouse with high efficiency reflective glass installed the wrong way around.Ionically, the best evidence of this may come from a terrible cooling event that took place some 1,500 years ago. Two massive volcanic eruptions, one year after another placed so much black dust into the upper atmosphere that little sunlight could penetrate. Temperatures plummeted. Crops failed. People died of starvation and the Black Death started its march. As the dust slowly fell to earth, the sun was again able to warn the world and life returned to normal.Today, we have the opposite problem. Today, the problem is not that too little sun warmth is reaching the earth, but that too much is being trapped in our atmosphere.

So much heat is being kept inside greenhouse earth that the temperature of the earth is going up faster than at any previous time in history. NASA provides an excellent course module on the science of global warming.

Scientists attribute the current warming trend to the use of fossil fuels because using them releases into the atmosphere stores of carbon that were sequestered (buried) millions of years ago.

The addition of this “old” carbon to the world’s current stock of carbon, scientists have concluded, is what is heating our earth which causes global warming.

Now let’s get back to Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal again. In major cities of Nepal including Kathmandu, there are millions of vehicles that emit smoke that contributes to air pollution. Similarly, the countless factories produce too much of carbon dioxide which is one of the key pollutants.

In my village, Washingtharpu, Bhojpur, when I was young, it used to be quite cool, but these days, it’s relatively warmer than it used to be in the past. Despite the fact that there isn’t pollution in the village, the global warming is taking its tolls on my village as well.

Finally, now it’s high time we took some significant initiatives on curbing the environmental pollution as much as we can. And the government also must be serious about doing something about saving the earth. And I feel that all the countries of the world must unite in order to address this global issue of climate change and global warming and protecting lives and the entire earth.

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