Today, Maitighar Mandala in Kathmandu saw a huge man-ocean that involved the Newar and non-Newar citizens of Kathmandu protesting against ” Guthi Bill” that was tabled at National Assembly recently. Thousands of people took to the streets of Kathmandu earlier today demanding the dismissal of the Guthi Bill that was likely to act as a Pandora’s Box in the country. In fact, unlike the other protests, this agitation was spontaneous since the local denizens of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur walked in the streets raising their voices against the recent inappropriate government move. Despite the fact that the government has already declared that this controversial bill has been withdrawn, the citizens are demanding that this bone of contention be dismissed for good.

While the government is defending its move saying that Guthi bill was decent as it was the reflection of the feudal system of the past, the people all over the nation argue that this recent move of the government is a conspiracy to encroach and end the age-old cultural values of the Newar people as well as all the citizens of the nation.

If you ask me who is right and wrong, my answer is ” THIS CURRENT GOVERNMENT IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG” because it is acting against the will and the sentiment of the people owing to its two third majority arrogance. Just because the government has two third majority doesn’t mean it can do anything it desires, hurt the sentiments of the citizens, wipe out the religious and cultural values of any particular communities, and all that jazz. The government must function at people’s will as the people have given their mandate to the lawmakers to make appropriate laws for the people and the country. But these days, the lawmakers and the entire government seem to be oblivious to what the citizens want, wish, and desire. If the government goes on this way, we can predict its early downfall.

Finally, what I personally feel is that the government is literally wrong in bringing up the Guthi Bill as it is against the will and sentiment of the people. Even though the government has withdrawn it, it must be dismissed forever. The government has shamefully shown its ignorance which proves its shortsightedness. And I’m sure that the government has learnt an important lesson through today’s man-ocean assembled at Maitighar Mandala, Kathmandu today. And I would like to suggest that the government always work for the protection of people’s right to religion and culture and preservation of our cultural heritage in Nepal.

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