You feel as if you reign supreme
Sit on a majestic throne

Can shoot the destructive drone

Yet, your bullshit already crossed the brim
You act as if you’re a fountain of wisdom

Take all and sundry for granted

But can you feel their logical hatred?

So now into an inferno is your kingdom
You kick asses, puke venom

See, the others’ arms and ammunitions

Shall crush your nonsense ambitions

But then why feel you’re still a phenom?
Look at Alexander the Great

Bonaparte, Hitler, Janga Bahadur

All vanished into the earth for sure

So don’t bark like a pitbull, mate
Your light, others’ pitch darkness

Your brightness, my darkness

The universe, you shall not harness

Poor you! Still in the utopia of hollowness

So hot day
Scorching sun in the sky
Shows no mercy on the men
However, we strive to beat it
We manage to hit it

All April days are as hot as hell
I see nobody to shout at and yell
Rings the wedding and death bell
Here I have a story to tell

This April darling rain
Just fell like Leda’s dress fell
While seduced by the Swan
It revealed the reality
It brought the climax
It brought the orgasm
It sprinkled the joy around all

So cool and refreshing
So charming and seductive
Oh April rain !
My dear drop of Jupiter
My sweetheart drop of hope
My sensational flood of merriment
Will you please sneak into the
Lord’s chamber over and over
As all and sundry
All set to embrace you

The earth you tread on
The mountains you scale in the sun
The rivers you swim in for fun
The lush vegetation, the machine gun
The flora and fauna where you run

See Shakespeare, the great bard
Be Hitler, that’s kinda hard
See the kings and the queens on card
Rewind the songs on the orchard
Look upto Buddha on the yard

Bonaparte, Janga Bahadur
Luck shined on them for sure
The ploughmen in my hamlet
Keep ploughing, sorta failures yet
Tragedy; the halfwit own the jumbo jet

The earth, the hills, the oceans, the snow
Pleasure to the eyes, surely we do know
The Invisible’s lovely offspring they are
No wheels turn without Him so far
The Invisible hands you destiny in a jar

The lunatic say work hard
Or you’ll end up in a hazzard
They brag you’ll be ambushed in a blizzard
But I’m like ain’t it freakin’ crazy and weird?
They’re the monsters with dense beard

You are who are and able
All thanks to the Great Invisible
Who runs the life’s awesome cable
Little endeavor, more fate not a fable
Do believe in the Omnipotent Invisible
Or else you shall go way too feeble.

You turn right
You turn left
The rightists
The leftists
The ideology ships
Ruling the roost
The world’s been their playground
Freakin’ battleground
The wrestling ring
They’ve caused bloodshed
Resorted to bloody violence
Created frustrations
No definite purpose
No bull’s eyes to hit
They only exist to cheat

The rightists brag and have big mouths
About nothing but drag the world into the
Majestic castles of status quo
Stagnant lakes
The leftists raise the roof
Bleat like castrated goats
But suck the blood
Like midnight vampires
Like demon’s starving wires
No breakthrough
Nothing to woo
Us all-powerful denizens
So we all boo
We feel like makin’ them
Lick our toilet shoe

We’ve been misled
They’ve hurled us into
The dark maze of dungeon
They’ve blindfolded us
Yet some of us super fools
Still lick their bloody arses
What the hell?
We’ve been hypnotized by these
Poisonous lucifers

Hey folks! Listen up
Prick up your ears
I’m tellin’ you this
Let’s abhor these nasty souls
Stop walkin’ into these goddamn
Right and left directions
As they’re leading us into our
Own downfall, misery and misfortune
The world is on the verge of
So let’s muster up confidence
Fuel our engines with indomitable courage
And change the devil’s directions
Let’s destroy the blood-filled roads
These rightists and leftists travelled

The phantom figure on the throne
Devalues his own crown
Speaks venom
Stutters at random
Gives a million false hopes
Just lingers and gropes
In the pitch darkness of reality
Some sheep yet feel his gravity

He erects pipelines of gas
All say he’s nobody but a big jackass
As he never walks his talk
He staggers and hardly does walk
Jokes like a clown
Makes us all laugh and frown
Babbles like a toddler, does yell
Does nothing but creates a hell

Public are writhing in pain
But he always drools over his own gain
Suppressed voices merely go in vain
Feels he can do magic, dance in the rain
This plastic figure builds castles in the air
Who the hell says all he does is fair?
He talks bullshit and feels he’s the key
The world says it’s the coconut in the palms of a monkey

This feeble paper monarch claims to be Buddha; the lord
All do not hail his awful vocal cord
We assigned him to plough the farm
But a bad peasant he is, with no charm
The universe knows he does only harm
But he must hear the Supreme alarm
The villagers stop singing his praise
Yet he manages to maintain his wage

The air carries electric power says he
Even a beast feels this, sure all we
He begets his devil sons only
Outnumbers but all feel lonely
This hamlet has turned into his playground
“I’ll hunt him down”,says our mighty hound
He turns this paradise into a ghost land
Let’s go hurl him into the dirty sand

He stands still on the farmland
This fertile land turned into the weed land
The crows not scared of him mock at him
The birds of prey peck his head on whim
He breaks the record of great Charlie Chaplin
Claims he’s the disciple of great Lenin
All he does raises everyone’s eyebrow
He’s nothing but a big SCARECROW.

Her dark wide ambrosia-embroidered eyes
Never deceive and tell any sinister lies
Just the time runs, jumps, and flies
And I savor the deep narrow skies

Rejoicing my colony she lies
On the throne she moans and cries
The outfit, the cuisines, the wines she tries
The taste bud-tantalizing fish she fries

Her deep ocean, sensuous lips she not dries
The robust summits she always carries
Twin skyscrapers, delicious strawberries
She has, her smooth surface, no worries

Retires to the moonlit depth of the sea
The world, this is all she has for me.

Hi December Rain
Welcome to our cosmos
You sneaked into our closet
You drenched me all the way
Like my sweethearts smooched me all over my secret worlds
December rain
You came along
Like the royal princess
Brought the utter joy
Into this hinterland

Hey December rain
You brought along
A new energy
A new beacon of hopes
A new aspiration

Yo December rain !
What’s new?
You’re an emblem of a
Sublime beauty
You’re an epitome of an
Absolute perfection
Every drop you fall carries
Elegance and grandeur

Hey December rain
You’re absolutely gorgeous
Like my sweethearts
It doesn’t mean you’re as weak as
Our beloveds
You’re the drops of Jupiter
You’re the drops of Indra
You’re the messenger of the Almighty
So how can you be feeble?
How can you just be a
Mute spectator of
All the evils going on in my land?
How can you spare these vampires
While they’re sucking the blood of my own kith and kin?
How can you enjoy watching these demons
Selling our souls to the other devils?

Please December rain
Do something about it
I want you to come in disguise of an
Eternal violent flood
That sweeps away all these
Traitors sitting on the throne
Dear December rain
I beg you to make my

So called bigwigs
Those so called heavyweights
These supreme peasants
Ploughing their own fields
Those rambling rats
Those crumbling cats
All under the influence of a
Lethal drug

Are all sober I swear
Cent percent teetotalers

This tragic tiring tedious tragedy befell us
Since all these bigwigs
The super supreme peasants
The ruining rats, stinking skunks, creepy cats are all in nothing

Feasting my eyes on this world
I see no majestic rainbow, no emerald
I only behold the burning end of a cigarette
No inklings why it does degenerate

Love’s gone and lost its sense
As you see it through a devil’s lense
Our habitat has lost humanity
Can you feel any fraternity?

Nation’s supreme scripture worth being burnt
State heads worth being gallowed in front
Gorgeous chics painting the town red
The world says pour elegance in your head

Watch out! I’m cleaning my rusted sword
I shall build a new ROME, my divine word.

The other night
I retired to bed
With my music player on
At a pretty low pitch
With my headset on
Ronan Keatings, Leo Sayer, Ed Sheeran, Stevie Wonder and more
Singing their love songs
Right from their hearts and souls
In the meantime I fell asleep

I boarded a flower jet
Like mentioned in the Ramayana
As huge as the entire Himalayas
The flying machine all made up flowers
Roses, lotus, tulips and so forth
The journey dragged along for hours
And finally our eagle-machine landed
At a strange world

The land resembled the paradise
The denizens resembled the angels
The air smelt sweet perfumes
So fresh so cool and refreshing
The water tasted so rejuvenating
The roads, the cities, the infrastructure
The peace, the harmony, and the people’s
All enviable

After almost six hours
Slumber just deserted me
Left me in the lurch
I woke up bright and early
Found myself lying in my bed
With that strange utopia spinning in my head
And heard John Lennon crooning
“Imagine there’s no heaven……”

Back to the terra firma of reality
Why doesn’t this strange utopia
Wake our sleeping nation captains up?
Why doesn’t this strange wonderland
Prevent our nation-pilots from a fatal crash?
Why doesn’t this surreal utopia entice our
Chariot chiefs to drive this chariot
To a utopia that I dreamt about?

Hey life ! Why did you push me
Into the vicious circle?
Hey world ! Why did you hurl me
All the way into this dungeon?
Hey God ! Why did you snatch away
My favorite cuisine from my mouth?

I keep asking these questions
I think I shall be doing this
Till the cows come home
I just sit down so helpless
And dog tired of life’s harsh truths
A little whiskey
Just does the wonders

The friends turn into foes
The angels metamorphose into demons
The sweethearts transform into callous vampires
The sublime beauty gets disguised into
The utter ugliness
The sun loses its heat and light
The moon loses its pretty face
The stars lose their twinkling sapphire
The constellation and gallaxies lose their
This world loses its humanity and history

You might think I am a loser
As I talked so pessimistic
You might be my nasty critic
But hey just hold on
I’ll tell you why I sounded so hopeless
Because pessimism brings optimism
Even if there’s pitch darkness all around
My eyes see only the bright lights
There might be no sense of anything
But I delve deep into the things
And I discover the best sense ever
The world knocks me down
The folks might just look down on me
The nature just puts me behinds the bars
But my pals, I get up
I rise and soar high
Each time I am knocked down
Each time I am embarrassed
Each time the world says, ” You can’t do this”

I’m bragging these all little stuffs
But do you know why?
A huge question might arise in your head
The only reason why I can still think
I can conquer the cosmos is
I do harbour a BURNING DESIRE.
The desire to rise
The passion to reach the summits
The commitment to reach the dizzy heights
Of stupendous success
The will to do what is impossible
The ambition to be throned as the
CONQUEROR of this entire universe
And many more others yet to be explored

Web world is ruling the roost
And my homies are addicted to this
Hard whiskey
Like lethal drug addicts
My buddies on the social sites
Feel they’re flying deadly kites
They reckon it’s their damn rights
They’re puking venom so bad
That’s making me pretty sad

I’m utterly oblivious
To their intentions
I’m unaware of
What is right for them
I see them posting things disgusting
I hear them boasting things irritating
I hear them bark like bow wows
I sense their arrogance
They are hell-bent on
Thinking only what they perceive is right
They can’t stand their opponents
They can’t agree with others’ note of dissent
They badmouth the others
Advocating their rivals
If they are real players
They must be well-disciplined
They must look upto their foes
In the boxing ring

All I see now is madness
In the hearts and minds of my learned
I witness in them
The sense of intolerance
They are kindling the fire
Which is likely to turn into
A huge INFERNO of domestic storms
Who will extinguish this horrible inferno?

You blame
You point fingers
You swear
You curse
You vent your ire
You provoke fire-breathing dragons
You tease the sleeping lions
You enjoy digging your own graves
You love inviting on your own YAMARAAJ
My dear buddies
You show your madness
But that madness is senseless
First excavate deep into the harsh reality
Analyse it, balance it
And then go mad
That would make some sense.

These three impotent bulls
Castrated many times
Unable to produce enough semen
Now have been proved
So called legal fathers
Of a new-born infant
But how can the manocean accept this?
How can mother Nepal
Put it into a golden cradle
And foster it?
Way too impossible…….

These three irritating rascals
With gun-toys in their dirty hands
Confiscated the precious treasures of
All the true offspring of this soil
Yet I hear them squeak like rats
” We’ve given this land
What nobody gave to this world.”
Shame on these rice-killers !

These three stinking feeble skunks
Deem themselves
Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Paruhang, Christ, Muhammad, Buddha and all
Yet the world knows they belong to the
Barbarian jungles

You three puppet dogs
Might feel every dog has its day
But bastards!
Your days are gone; over
You won’t see your month ” Kartik”
Now is the time for us
To rise and battle
To chop your heads off

You three ignorant demons
Might feel you’ve created
A red-letter-day in history
A new day of joys
But can’t you see the eclipse all over?
Are you blind?
Can’t you see the clouds hovering above?
So it’s a dark day, bloody ones !

You three vampires
Might be proud of your scriptures
That you penned after you rose from
Your graves
But for the entire nation
It’s nothing but rubbish.

The most precious day
September 8
Several springs back
I took my first breath
On this living planet
Surely indebted am I
To the greatest souls on this earth
Who exposed me to this world

You know what?
Tonight I’m a little high
A little low
My emotions
Running like wild horses
No control over their divine wings
And might
I kinda get misty-eyed
But yet cheerful
I sorta get under the influence
But yet sober and careful

Many years vanished
Like the shooting stars
A good few months, weeks, days
Hours, minutes, seconds
And all that jazz
This is how the mighty
Time flies like Arjuna’s arrows
Like Cupids arrows

However, I feel no transformation
No metamorphosis
I still feel the same
The same earth, the same stones
The same aunt nature
I still sense in me
The presence of a toddler
Still young and innocent
I still peep into myself
And watch the image of a child
A teenager with big dreams
But the harsh reality my darling ones
I’m way too mature
Like hard whiskey
Like the gigantic mountain rocks

The brooks still surge with passion
The rivers still hum with vigor
The spring birds still sing their heart out
The celestial tunes of the universe
The darling young trees keep growing
The new spring leaves keep growing
On the old oxygen providers each year

The god sun still rises and sets
The lord moon still navigates
The tiny stars still twinkle
The comets show their bright tails
Once in a blue moon
They’re still young
Still enjoying heydays
Of their lives
So how can I grow older?
How can I be out-dated?

The sun, the planets, the moon, the stars
The mountains, the grasslands
The forests, the chirping birds
The wildlife, the human folks
And the entire universe
I do feel deep within
Have assembled together
To wish me longevity, if possible
And for sure, a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

The four unholy uncanny union
A solar eclipse and a bad omen for a trillion
These tyrant coward cats acted as prophets
Puked their nasty oracle, everyone bets

You thought you could write our destiny
The genesis of all this awful misfortune
Your dull brains deem everything tiny
As you are yet to face our wrath tune

You slave satans snatched our rights
Put your ugly arses on our prestigious thrones
Reigned over us with sheer mights
Now we must throw at you stones

Don’t ask for your rights and freedom
Go snatch them from these stinking skunks
Keep on breaking laws, burning fires and rise to stardom
Punch on their freakin’ faces, feed them garbage junks

Keep burning fires on the streets
Keep chanting anti-coward cats rhymes
March forward with utter dignity and wits
Snatch back what’s rightfully yours; oh times

When subaltern and oppressed voices roar
A lightning of fear strikes these four dirty dogs
When we take to the streets and higher we soar
We are ready to chop off these devil logs

These four monkey monsters fear us to death
As they are gazing at the manocean against their own life
The hurricane has started, they fail to take a breath
If you don’t give up, we’ll stab you with an ethereal KNIFE

Our bloods are boilin’
The entire earth is toilin’
We’ll set fire to your seas
We’ll bring you to your knees

These coward cats’ kitten may shoot us
But we shall swallow their bullets
When we strike you with HEAVEN’S HAMMER, thus
You shall be crushed into dusts

Watch out you power-drunk drunkards or whoever
We shall finish you up forever
We shall dance in your bloods in the sun
The REBELLION was, is and shall be ON and ON.

Why do new love-birds compare
Their dear darling dazzling beloveds
With the moon’s complexion fair
While you possess sublime beauty in myriads

Why do pilgrims always ring and sing
The God’s glowing glory
Bow their heavy heads and cling
While you always stand tall in victory

Why do big and little laymen dream
Of rocking Romeo and Juliet fantasy
With their thrilling thoughts in mainstream
While you and I can live in ecstasy

You’re the sweetest sexy babe in motion
I have for you but an unanswered question

Lost deep in meditation, I hear
The sensous steps of a lass dear
With my eyes closed, I pay no heed
Her celestial perfume yet entices my greed

She advances towards me gently
Lord Indra smirks so pleasantly
I feel her sensual caress
Lord Indra’s nymph makes me say yes

Her divine distraction, a sweet medication
But my meditation crumbles in modification She imprisons me in a Romeo-Juliet trap
I dive into the ocean, ain’t no crap

She conquers my empire, stands tall
So she rocks, lovely and bubbly soul