Inspirational Quotes by Suresh Rai

The best pleasure you feel in life is when you arrive at the logical conclusion that you find solutions in the crowds of problems. So you must embrace and cherish the big troubles in your life.

Respect is something you should earn; but not something you should ask for.

Arrogance and sense of retaliation are your arch enemies. Just get rid of them on time.

Anger and arrogance are like an inferno. They burn nobody else but yourself.

If you want appreciation and admiration from others, all you need to do is just be interested in them and listen to what they have to say.

You might be holding the keys to the kingdom of success. However, you may not have any inkling of how to unlock the gigantic padlock of achievement. So first learn how to use the keys to success.

Most people live in illusion because they think they're the best and the most powerful souls. They miserably evaluate and rate themselves number one. But the irony is that the world around them rates them ZERO. For this reason, do come out of hallucinations and you will feel the true bliss of life.

Anger is more fatal than the atomic weapons. So keep away from the anger if you want to be safe.

While dealing with the people in your business, you need to be able to win their hearts.

A great friendship is not made on the basis of similar age, wealth or common interests. But it is a matter of hearts that feel young forever.