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Hello, my name is Suresh Rai and I am the founder of Currently, I am using the GeneratePress Premium theme on this website, and you can see its design, customization and loading speed, I would say it is one of the fastest loading speed themes.

Today, I want to give you this GeneratePress Premium theme free download. This is not a nulled or pirated theme, I am giving you a genuine GeneratePress Premium theme, I bought this theme with my own money and want to help you by giving this GeneratePress Premium free download.

So, without further delay. Let’s get started.

GeneratePress Home Page

GeneratePress Premium offers a lightweight and fast design with extensive customization options, allowing users to create highly responsive and visually appealing websites effortlessly.

  • Fast-loading and lightweight theme.
  • It comes with free and paid versions, if you don’t have money, you can use its free version.
  • Everything is customizable and SEO friendly and can integrate with all of the popular page builders.
  • The free version lacks most of its features as compared to the premium version.

Pricing: $59/year

GeneratePress Premium WordPress Theme Overview:

GeneratePress is a Lightweight and fast-loading, SEO-friendly, all-in-one WordPress freemium theme developed and created by Tom Usborne.

Theme Name:GeneratePress
Developer:Tom Usborne
Launch Date:04.26.2014
Yearly Price:$59
Lifetime Price:$249
Money Back Guarantee:30 Days
Niche:WordPress Theme
Support:Effective Response
Recommendation:Highly Recommend

What is GeneratePress?

GeneratePress is a popular lightweight and highly customizable WordPress theme that is known for its flexibility and fast loading speed. It was created by Tom Usborne and has gained popularity among WordPress users for its clean code, fast loading times, and ease of use.

Who is the owner or developer of GeneratePress?

Tom Usborne

GeneratePress theme is developed and maintained by Tom Usborne. Tom Usborne is the founder and lead developer behind GeneratePress. He has been actively involved in the ongoing development and improvement of the theme.

How to download GeneratePress Premium theme for Free?

You can download the GeneratePress Premium WordPress theme for Free by clicking the below start download button.

How to install GeneratePress Premium theme?

These are the steps that you have to follow to install GeneratePress Premium in your WordPress website:

STET #1: You have to download the GeneratePress Premium WordPress theme for Free by clicking this link (if you don’t have downloaded it yet): Download GeneratePress for Free.

STEP #2: Log in to your WordPress website’s dashboard.

STEP #3: Go to the plugins section area, and click on Add New Plugin.


STEP #4: Now, Click on Upload Plugin.


STEP #5: Now, this will open a file manager, select the GeneratePress Premium Zip file and click on upload. After the upload process is complete, Activate the plugin by clicking the Activate now.


STEP #6: Go to Appearance > GeneratePress and activate the modules that you want to use on your website.


STEP #7: Now, you have successfully uploaded and activated the GeneratePress Premium Theme on your WordPress Website.

Complete step-by-step Video guide to install GeneratePress Premium Theme:

MainFeatures and Benefits of GeneratePress Premium theme:

The main benefits and Key features of GeneratePress include:

Performance-Oriented: GeneratePress is designed to be lightweight and fast, helping to ensure that your website loads quickly. This is important for both user experience and search engine optimization (SEO).

Customization Options: GeneratePress provides a wide range of customization options through the WordPress Customizer. Users can easily modify the appearance of their site, including colours, typography, layout, and more.

Mobile-Responsive: The theme is built to be responsive, ensuring that your website looks good and functions well on various devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Accessibility: GeneratePress follows best practices for web accessibility, making your site more inclusive and user-friendly for people with disabilities.

Modular Design: GeneratePress uses a modular system, allowing users to enable or disable specific features according to their needs. This helps to keep the theme lightweight and ensures that users only activate the features they require.

Compatibility: GeneratePress is compatible with popular page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder, giving users the flexibility to create custom layouts easily.

Regular Updates: The theme is actively maintained and updated, ensuring compatibility with the latest version of WordPress and addressing any security or performance issues that may arise.

GeneratePress Premium VS GeneratePress Free Version:

This is the side-by-side comparison between GeneratePress Premium vs Free:

FreaturesGP PremiumGP Free
Websites Usage:UnlimitedUnlimited
Site Library:YesNo
Element modules:YesNo
WooCommerce feature:YesNo
Customizations:Yes FullLimited
Mega Menu:YesNo
Page Headers:YesNo
Colour Options:Yes FullLimited
Hook Elements:YesNo
Post Styles:YesNo
Background customization:YesNo
Copyright change:YesNo
Customer Support:YesNo
Import/Export Settings:YesNo

GeneratePress Premium Pricing:

GeneratePress is a Freemium WordPress theme, which means it comes with free and paid versions and the free version of the GeneratePrss theme is lifetime free, you don’t have to pay any cents, but the only difference between free and paid versions is its limitations. GeneratePress free version comes with limited customization options, you cannot customize your free GeneratePress theme as much as the GeneratePress Premium theme. But, on the other hand, GenearatePress premium, you have full control over customizing your theme as you wish.

GeneratePress Premium Pricing

The GeneratePress theme comes with yearly as well as lifetime pricing plans, the yearly plan starts from $59 and the lifetime plan starts from around $249. But, if you plan to buy this theme on discount sales like Black Friday Deals or Cyber Monday Deals, you can get up to 20% or even 30% off on the real pricing.


GeneratePress comes in both a free version, available on the WordPress theme repository, and a premium version with additional features and support. The premium version, known as GeneratePress Premium, offers features like advanced typography, custom spacing, WooCommerce integration, and more.

Many users appreciate GeneratePress for its simplicity, speed, and ability to create a variety of website designs without unnecessary bloat.

Download GeneratePress Premium for FREE

I am giving you the genuine version of GeneratePress Premium, I bought this GeneratePress Premium theme with my own money, this is not nulled or pirated.

If you have any questions or need help, you can tell me in the comments section below.

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